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Windows users use

  • Windows users are advised not to use powershell, cmd for command line use
  • because they are not based on the POSIX SHELL specification, i.e. not a standard terminal environment
  • It is recommended not to use git-bash, because the terminal is not an interactive terminal, and the selection up and down will be effected
  • It is recommended to use Windows Terminal combined with WSL, you should also do the same in daily development and use

Cannot find command after global install

  • Enter the command npm prefix -g to check whether the path of npm global download is in the root directory
  • The high probability is because the global download path prefix of npm has been changed with nvm
  • You can open .zshrc or .bashrc to comment out the loading nvm, and then reopen the terminal to check

Terminal cannot display Emoji symbols

  • The terminal cannot Emoji symbols, the high probability is because your terminal has poor support for emoji/unicode characters, but it does not affect the submission Because the final output is submitted by Emoji Code, you can consider changing the terminal and font

Configure load not as expected

Run the command to check the path of the configuration load

# commitizen cli
# czg cli
CZ_DEBUG=1 czg
# commitizen cli
# czg cli
CZ_DEBUG=1 czg

What is different between cz-git and czg

See more Why czg

  • If you using cz or git cz command will start commitizen CLI + cz-git adapter
  • If you using czg or git czg command will only start czg CLI

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