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More engineered, lightweight, customizable, standard output format Commitizen adapter and CLI.


Friendly First

Friendly command line tool, Supports search and selection on the command line, reducing spelling errors.To be a lazy man.

Highly Customizable

Enjoy the customization process to make the tool more in line with your or team habits.

Engineering Support

Reduce repetitive typing. Better for engineering repo(e.g:monorepo) or business system. Easy link with issue.

With Commitlint

Dynamically get commitlint configuration and give command line prompts.


$ npm install -D cz-git
+ cz-git                      ( 1.6 MB )
added  1  package in  0.482s

Emoji Support

  Support emoji in commit message.


I just try my best to make thing well, Could you give a star ⭐